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Publiserte artikler fra professor Harald A. Nygaard 2005, 2006 og 2007
Under finner du publikasjonslisten for 2006 og for 2007.

1) Kroniske smerter hos sykehjemspasienter
Tidsskr Nor Lægeforen nr. 10, 2005; 125: 1349–51

En av tre pasienter med alvorlig
svikt kan formidle smerteinntrykk
For kommunikative pasienter er
moderat/godt samsvar mellom
pasients og pleiers vurdering
Det er et forbedringspotensial med
hensyn til smertevurdering hos pasienter
med kommunikasjonsvansker
Det er behov for en mer systematisk
vurdering av mulig smerte hos pasienter
som kommuniserer dårlig

2) The Checklist of Nonverbal Pain Indicators
(CNPI): testing of reliability and validity in
Norwegian nursing homes.



The CNPI is a simple and short assessment tool with potential
to facilitate nursing staff’s alertness regarding pain
behaviours in NH patients and it can be managed by various
categories of nursing personnel. The CNPI is a reliable and
valid instrument for assessing pain in demented and mentally
impaired NH patients. Due to the small number of
comparisons between various groups of nursing personnel,
our results cannot be generalised.
Key points
The CNPI is a simple pain assessment tool that can be
used at the bedside.
The CNPI reveals an acceptable test–retest and interrater
reliability and concurrent validity when used by
regular nursing home carers.

1University of Bergen, Section for Geriatric Medicine,
Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care and NKS
Olaviken Hospital for Old Age Psychiatry, N-5306 Erdal, Norway
Fax (+47) 56 25 20 01
Email: Harald.Nygaard(a)
2Årstad Community Health Care, Box 7715,
N-5020 Bergen, Norway
*To whom correspondence should be addressed

3)Are nursing home patients with dementia diagnosis
at increased risk for inadequate pain treatment?

Int J Geriatr Psychiatry 2005; 20: 730–737.
Published online in Wiley InterScience ( DOI: 10.1002/gps.1350

Harald A. Nygaard, MD1,2,3* and Marit Jarland4
1Section for Geriatric Medicine, Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care, University of Bergen, Norway
2NKS Olaviken Hospital for Old Age Psychiatry, Erdal, Norway
3Kavli’s Dementia Research Centre, Haraldsplass Diakonale Sykehus, Bergen, Norway
4A ° rstad Community Health Centre, Bergen, Norway